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Found People Inc. is known as the premier boutique recruitment agency in today’s Canadian digital and financial services industries. We have proven our ability to secure exceptional talent and build high-performance teams for top-tier/high growth, venture capital and private equity-backed internet, ecommerce and digital media companies.

In a competitive and fast-paced war for talent, Found People Inc is devoted to finding you top talent for your needs and scaling your teams to drive growth and success for your company.

Startup companies have to make every hire really count. For most, staff numbers and budget are limited, and growing the business is of the utmost importance. Startups also tend to pride themselves on having bold and distinct company cultures. As a result, we use unique and innovative tactics to find quality candidates when recruiting. Our team of executive recruiters is highly developed, passionate and focused. We have decades of search experience recruiting and placing the industry’s top performers through access to multiple sourcing networks and using targeting strategies and a thorough qualifying process.

As a boutique firm, we work with a startup mentality, offering you the same responsiveness, efficiency and nimbleness that are essential within your own company. From the executive level down to business, technical, marketing and sales contributors, our track record shows we can build high-performance teams

Every client is different. No two enterprises are exactly the same. You’re not just looking for a person to fill a role, you’re looking for the right person to join your team, and enhance your operation. That’s why we tailor each search to fit the needs of your business specifically. We work to fill both fulltime and contract roles. We work on contingency. And, we work tirelessly to ensure the position is filled, and the client is happy.

Your company is important to you. We know this. Let us help you find a candidate that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them significantly.

Get on your way to finding the best fit for your team. Contact us today.


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