Found People Thursdays – GUEST BLOG – Dejan Jovanovic, VP Technology – The Marketing Store
Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dejan Jovanovic

A few weeks ago we decided that it was time to start taking about some of our favorite Found People. Thursdays are a great day to catch up and start bookmarking stuff for the weekend so, thinking practically we’ve committed to  kicking off –Found People Thursdays GUEST BLOG .

It’s a simple Q&A format, and we’re looking forward to helping you get to know who we’ve Found.

We’re excited to have Dejan Jovanovic as our first Guest Blogger, he’s the VP of Technology for The Marketing Store and we really like how he’s evolved from the ranks of heavy R&D development into leading some cutting edge Digital solutions especially when it comes to eBusiness.

Here’s a quick bio: Dejan’s success has been in developing and implementing complex, high traffic and mission critical enterprise solutions. He’s a visionary with an uncanny ability to turn difficulty into opportunity, attract and retain talent, bring people together to focus on delivering high-quality, scalable solutions and products. Over the years he’s provided leadership to B2B Integration, interactive and telecommunications companies and worked with fortune 500 clients, such as: GM, BMW, RIM, Boing, Citi Group, Telus, Pepsi, MARS, Monster, HP and Rubbermaid among others.

FP- Why have you been successful across such diverse areas? Aka digital agencies, systems integrators, and software co’s?
DJ- One of the main things in developing software-based solutions is to have a deep understanding of the software development lifecycle and the importance of every step of the process and how they impact the system that you are building. Is that flexible architecture, maintainability, scalability, performance impact, security needs, quality process or, simply, coding guideline? Do you build, buy or use open source packages? Understanding all these complexities will make the chosen solution the right one.

FP – Is it really hard to hire good technology people these days, or are there just a lot of bad hiring managers and recruiters out there?
DJ- Your success depends on having a successful team in place. Hence, I really emphasize in bringing good talent, and what I’m looking for is not just technical knowledge that is mandatory but a personal fit and passion for a job.

FP – Some say once a developer always a developer. How have your dev. roots shaped your leadership style?
DJ– Yes, that is true. I started as a developer and over the years moved through the ranks. I spent over 7 years working as a technical architect. Having deep knowledge of building great software products has helped me in providing direction to my team, understanding their needs and problems and, at the end, to be able to speak the same language.

FP– Tell us about the boldest thing you’ve ever done technically? How did it go?
DJ– If you want to be great a technologist, you constantly need to take calculated risks following new technologies, applying new trends, frameworks and methodologies, and constantly improving your delivery solutions in the context of requested needs. Thus, simply, there is no boldness by constantly calculating risk and evaluating end-solutions. Just look how web technology has changed from the early 90’s ‘till today and continues changing. The technologist job is to apply the best solution for the system that is being built at the time. Interestingly, at the end of a large-scale project, there may already be a better solution that you could have used for your system.

FP – What does failing mean to you?
DJ- Failing is not an option. I take it very personal and make sure that I’m aware of any possible risks the project has. I mitigate risk factors having a contingency plan in place and the team work harder earlier in the process rather then later.

FP– Where are you seeing early adoption in e-business and what are you doing about it?
DJ – We at The Marketing Store provide products to our customers that are e-business in nature as they provide an integrated marketing solution, it’s a full end-to-end connectivity with customers over different communication channels

FP-Thanks Dejan, we’re glad we found you:

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