Found People Thursdays – GUEST BLOG – Kevin Krossing – Brand Strategist and Story Guy
Thursday, May 16, 2013

kevin krossing picWhen it comes to building brands, Kevin’s  name pops up a lot during our conversations with clients and candidates. His success hinges upon how he engages consumers in a meaningful way, through emotions, community and stories.

Who is Kevin? As a digital marketer and brand strategist, Kevin Krossing has been inspiring teams to produce successful digital marketing programs for global brands. For over 20 years, Kevin has orchestrated campaigns designed to engage consumers and guide their daily purchasing decisions. Kevin believes brands are defined by what they do, not what they say. His mission is to decode brands and allow them to fully connect with people in more humane ways.

FP: You’re a story guy, what kinds of stories are digital consumers relating to these days?

KK:  I think we’ve all evolved as consumers, so our brands now have the responsibility to enhance the communities where they exist. People want honesty, transparency and responsibility. The story of a brand must reflect how it is giving back.

FP: If you had to observe society through the lens of a digital anthropologist, what would you study?

KK: Currently, I’m looking at how brands can unite communities to be more socially responsible and transparent, and how that can make us feel more connected to each other and the planet.

Brands have a huge impact on our society and they actively create culture. As the world becomes more divided, brands can help show us what we all have in common and what changes are needed.

FP: How does technology and SO LO MO (Social Local Mobile) change the fabric of how we relate to one another and engage?

KK: Technology has changed us all. Social media and location-based services have become ubiquitous. They are our primary platforms for much of our social discourse and behaviour. It’s changing the way we communicate – from campaigns driven by business cycle to a real-time, newsroom format. We now expect answers quickly. We expect brands, through transparency, to compel us to let them into our lives. This is a fundamental change.

FP: Tell us about your Thought Starter documentary series.

KK: As part of my exploration about our relationship with brands, I’ve been screening documentaries focused on how brands share their value, design products and services with deep empathy for the consumer, and propel responsible and sustainable growth so we all win.

FP: You have a track record of leading ground-breaking digital experiences. How have you managed to stand out consistently?

KK: I’ve been lucky to work with talented, passionate people. My approach is simple: lead with a clear and simple strategy, focus on the size of the idea NOT the budget, co-create with diverse thinkers, and finally prototype and revise to respond to the market.

FP: How has your whole notion of story and belief influenced your approach to leading people?

KK: My approach has always been to provide a compelling vision – an overarching narrative of our destination. I believe we all seek experiences that make us think, help us grow and enrich our lives. People do things for themselves, for their community stories, for how it makes them feel. I build teams that allow this to happen.

Thank You Kevin, we’re so glad to have you join our Blog and the unfolding story of FoundPeople finding each other.

To find out more about Kevin, check out his website  You can also connect on LinkedIn Kevin’s LinkedIn


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