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Thursday, May 30, 2013


3e31f8dMarina is a renaissance woman when it comes to developing on-line brands, content and e-commerce focused businesses. Over the past 20 years Marina has hit an impressive roster of milestones in areas like eCommerce, multi-channel marketing, brand building, advertising sales, and content development.

Take a look at Marina’s bio and check out what she has to say about our digital future, innovation in Canada and what it means for our kids……

Marina served as the Chief Executive Officer at Lavalife Corp from ’07-’09, which became one of the top five dating sites world-wide under her leadership. Prior to being CEO, Marina was Lavalife’s Chief Revenue Officer.  Marina  expanded the Lava Life brand to include new consumer channels such as mobile and content, and launched services such as a successful online magazine, “Click”, and a social dating community aimed at Baby Boomers, called LavalifePrime.
Recently Marina was Chief Marketing Officer at Kobo Inc., and Chief Revenue Officer at Dealfind, North America’s third largest “deals and coupons” internet retailer. As an independent strategy consultant  and interim executive, she has continued to accelerated her client’s growth and develop effective growth strategies.
Marina emigrated from Belgrade in 1987, she worked as a journalist and eventually began selling ads to local retailers for NOW Magazine, in Toronto.  She evolved quickly from NOW to become Group Publisher at St. Joseph Media and Key Media in Toronto, where  she was publisher of their flagship Toronto Life Magazine.
Marina sits on the advisory board of The Walrus Magazine Foundation. She has also served on boards or advisory committees for Magazines Canada, Interactive Advertising Bureau Canada, Ontario Media Development Corporation, Bridgepoint Health Foundation, Give Girls a Chance, and Big Sisters Toronto.
In 2007 Marina was nominated for the Woman of the Year Award by Canadian Women In Communications and has been a featured speaker at online media, social networking and cultural industry conferences.  With academic roots in Belgrade, Marina also holds a Master’s degree in Education and Organizational Learning and Change, from Uof T’s (OISE).

FP  You’ve been a pioneer in leading how we market the gambit of day-to-day on-line experiences from dating to deal finding. What’s the main factor in driving us as consumers to live on line and how do you keep us there?
MG  Convenience, time-saving, anonymity….our lives are now driven by technology – this is the new “tethered self” that anthropologists talk about. We are now connected in a way that we have never been before and we have unprecedented access to information and updates.  This is addictive and the value proposition is unlike any other consumer value proposition before. People will look for curation next and will look for ways to discern more and organize along the lines of “what’s in there for me”.

FP  Innovation drives Digital business, Talent drives innovation, how can our educational institutions do a better job of cultivating talent for the Digital sector here in Canada?
MG  Our education institutions are behind in how we teach Commerce and analytics and we are behind in investing in innovation and funding innovative efforts appropriately – this is now changing but not fast enough. Canada needs to become a lot more aggressive in this regard.

FP  When it comes to starting up a digitally focused business here in Canada, what’s our biggest barrier to growth and scalability?
MG    Adequate and sustained funding and deep ecosystem of support and know-how especially when it comes to scaling profitable customer acquisition.

FP  How has your Organizational Development and Change Management background helped you cultivate green fields and growing revenues?
MG  When I studied organizational learning and change almost 15 years ago I focused on strategy development in a chaotic and fast-changing competitive environment and markets…..this has been tremendously helpful. Today’s best strategic thinking like that of David Teece of Berkley really focus on learning  (or elimination of individual learning disabilities) and organizational change management as underpinnings for development of dynamic capabilities necessary to succeed in today’s market place which is marked by co-specialization and platform-based environment.

FP  Tell us about your vision for Canada Helps and how that’s going to help Canada?
MG  CanadaHelps is already a trusted household brand for online giving in Canada – itself a charity, and a strong social enterprise, we help 15,000 charities raise money online and we help Canadians give money and fundraise. The organization has strong entrepreneurial roots and a history of innovation (for example, giving of securities).  My vision for CanadaHelps is to grow charitable giving by enabling many more ways and places to give and cultivating the new generation of donors. Giving and sharing is in our human DNA and to the extent that we all can give and share more, the entire world will benefit in more ways that one. I firmly believe in that.

FP  How can we do a better job as educators and parents in developing strong digital sensibilities in our kids while keeping them grounded in non-digital pursuits too?
MG Well, kids are ok, we should leave them alone more, we are such a “helicopter parent” generation. I think what’s far more important for the well-being of kids and their kids’ kids is to teach them how to give early, how to relate and love others, and be able to see the world from others’ POV. We should teach kids about the two types of bottom lines and what’s expected from a business. There is a slow but inevitable evolution going on in the structure of our enterprise system (witness the emergence of the B corp in US). Our kids are the entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow – the only way this planet will be around for our posterity is if we change our predominant business model. This will happen, and I think today’s  kids are coming out pre-wired for this LOL.

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