Sr Python Developer

The millions of people who use our clients website  every day require a sophisticated, responsive system to handle their creative efforts, to share their comics with their friends and to send millions of notifications and alerts out constantly. We are a small, dedicated team expanding and refining the infrastructure behind one of the fastest-growing apps in history. We do it in Toronto, and we have a lot of fun in the process, which involves the sorts of things you probably care about, like short sprints, continuous integration and being able to complain usefully at each other when things break.

Most new features we are shipping are backed by Python, RabbitMQ and Cassandra. We’re specifically looking for people who thrive on implementing algorithms, working with large data sets and building API’s. Your work will be key to the performance, flexibility and success of our Angular/Air mobile app as used by millions of people daily.

In your first month you will:

In your first six months you will:

In your first year you will:


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